Career & Job Inquiries

My name is Ayu Hasegawa.
I work as an interpreter.


I was born and raised in Hokkaido. After graduating from high school in Hokkaido, I attended the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Linguistics. After that, I moved to Taiwan to study Mandarin Chinese. I have worked at a trading company in Taiwan for 3 years and studied business chinese.

Now, I work as a trilingual freelance interpreter in Japanese, Mandarin Chinese and English.

Recently, due to the increase in work related to the space industry, I have also been active as a space interpreter.

You can check the videos of my work by clicking the button below.

My Past Work

  • Interpretation for TYPICA, coffee startup’s business launch in Taiwan (Japanese-Mandarin Chinese)
  • Interpretation for space-related projects at Kushirosensakusho Co. (Japanese-Mandarin Chinese)
  • Interpretation for the advertising competition at NITORI Taiwan (Japanese-Mandarin Chinese)
  • Interview interpretation for TSMC (Japanese-English-Mandarin Chinese)
  • On-site interpretation for machinery delivery at Cannon Group (Japanese-Mandarin Chinese)
  • Interview interpretation for Asahi Shinbun Publication with Taiwanese companies which acquired Taiwan Excellence Awards (Japanese-Mandarin Chinese) []
  • Interpretation for Barista Champion interviews (Japanese-English-Mandarin Chinese)
  • Interpretation at the Tokyo DIY Show exhibition (Japanese-English-Mandarin Chinese)
  • Interpretation for negotiations with various foreign manufacturers related to crowdfunding campaign (Japanese-English)
  • Interpretation for promotion of Ibaraki prefecture administration in Taiwan (Japanese-Mandarin Chinese)
  • Interpretation and coordination for Amazon Prime video filming (Japanese-Mandarin Chinese)
  • Interview interpretation for Nikkei Inc. (Japanese-English)

My Dream

My dream has been to become an astronaut since I was an elementary school student and space exploration has always been my passion. 

Now I work as an interpreter. Being able to understand the intricacies of various industries through interpreting, and meeting people from different backgrounds, is very stimulating and serves as motivation in my work. I believe it is a wonderful job where I can support connecting people speaking different languages heart to heart. I am constantly striving to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge for this purpose.

I am eager to pursue what I love and continue to the whole universe.

For job inquiries, please contact me here.

I look forward to hearing from you and welcome your inquiries.